Our Loan Servicing Software Features

LOAN SERVICING SOFT is the most advanced loan servicing software on the market. This next generation loan servicing software is a culmination of 35 years of loan servicing and mortgage loan software industry knowledge and know-how. Our loan servicing software is designed for all lending industries from private money/hard money to enterprise, high volume portfolio lenders/loan servicers. Investor support, trust accounting, servicing fees and Quickbooks Interface/GL Interface make our lending software an ideal loan servicing software for private lenders, while features like lockbox, workflow and task management and Metro 2 credit reporting make it an ideal solution for larger, more conventional lenders and loan servicers. LOAN SERVICING SOFT is a best of breed mortgage servicing software platform for mortgage lenders both large and small.


  • Auto print loan statements, email, and/or ACH
  • Credit Cards & Lockbox also supported
  • Loan coupon books are also available in loan servicing software


  • Fully automated servicing, Money In & Money Out
  • An ideal loan servicing software for private lenders
  • Investor reporting includes both printable reports and live web portals


  • Software Auto Debits payments straight out of your borrowers accounts
  • Run transactions via system processes, manually or scheduled
  • Other electronic payment methods also supported, credit card, etc…


  • Workflow and task management streamlines your entire operation with our loan servicing software.
  • Software manages your entire portfolio, statements, late notices, checks, etc…
  • Tasks in the software flow throughout your organization to your team and various departments.

Loan Servicing Software Feature Summary

  • All Loan Types - Fixed, Step-Rate, ARM, Credit Lines, Multi-Draw
  • Interest Methods - Simple Interest, Regular Periodic, Actual Days, Rule 78
  • Investors - Multiple Investors or Funding Sources/Pools
  • Private Money Features - Servicing Fees, Bought/Sold Rates
  • RESPA, HMDA, CFPB compliance make LSS a perfect mortgage servicing software platform
  • A perfect loan servicing software for private lenders

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