Loan Servicing Software QuickBooks

Loan Servicing Software QuickBooks Interface

  • One time setup with your chart of accounts and GL Account #'s
  • Simply process your payments into LSS and our software then communicates with Quickbooks
  • Check number, principal, interest, fee amounts, ref #, etc.. along with memo data are all transferred to Quickbooks
  • Run the input as often as you like - daily, weekly, monthly
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and chances of input error
  • Our software handles Quickbooks by default and then other general ledgers are supported through our consulting group

Click here to read more about QuickBooks Accounting Integration.

Here we have the Chart of Account Screen and we're doing an export. (This process can also be fully automated with QuickBooks or any other General Ledger with our software)

Quickbooks Interface Export


And here we show the software saving the file in the Quickbooks format.

Quickbooks Interface File





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