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System Overview Brief

This is a brief system overview of our loan servicing software platform. Main functionality, screens & tabs, system layout.

Standard Web Portals

Demonstration of our standard web portals for your borrowers and lenders while your loans are set to an active status in our loan servicing software.

Underwriting Web Portals

Borrower/Applicant underwriting web portals with doc upload. Your applicant's docs get uploaded directly into your loan servicing software to their specific file. A huge time saver!

Setting Up Or Editing Servicing Company Info

Setting up or editing servicing company info in our loan system. Address and company name that shows on reporting.

Adding A Payment Method

Adding a payment method in our loan servicing software. Controlling what payments go on the deposit slip. Controlling sort order, Exclude from 1098.

Configuring A Loan Numbering Scheme

Configuring loan numbering schemes in our loan servicing software for automatic loan numbering. For loans, borrowers, lenders, vendors.

Converting Microsoft Word Mail Merge Docs And Setting Up Merge Fields

Converting Microsoft Word docs and setting up mail merge fields for automatic closing doc and loan disclosure creation from our loan software.

Creating Loan Fees

Adding a loan fee to a loan. Select fee type, bill, defer, or forgive, how to charge interest, make memos.

Creating A Database Connection From Login Screen

Once you have created a new database with the LOAN SERVICING SOFT Admin Tool you will need to create a connection from the Login Screen.

Payment Reversal With NSF Fee

Setting up and applying NSF fees upon payment reversals or "Exceptions" along with NSF notices that can be printed or emailed.

Adding Word Mail Merge Docs To System

Importing and setting up mail merge word documents in our loan servicing software.

Configuring System Email Settings

Setting up and testing your email settings. SMTP, Port settings etc.. so you can send email out from our loan servicing software.

DocuSign Setup Part 1

Setting up DocuSign eSignature or electronic signature documents in our loan servicing software.

Adjustable Index Rate Schedules Setup And Using

Setup up and using Index Rates for your adjustable rate loans or ARMs, Adjustable Rate Mortgages. Index rates can auto import from different online resources straight into our mortgage software.

Users and User Groups Setting Up and Using

Set up and manage your users and user groups. Control access to the lending software along with who can read, write and edit fields, including sensitive fields such as Social Security #'s. Also, reset and manage user names and passwords.

Setting Up and Using Rate Schedules

Pre configure your loan interest rates to automatically adjust by pre-determined schedule. Control the rate and term period of the change for a single rate change or for multiple rate adjustments.

Conditions Setting Up and Using

Setting up your default conditions list in our loan servicing software. All new loans then get your standard list. Individual conditions can then be added, removed, or edited from there. Print your conditional approval report and send to borrower/applicant or loan broker.

Copying an Existing Loan

Create a new loan by copying an existing loan. Options include copying Borrowers, Lenders, Vendors, Collateral, Escrow, Closing Costs, Fees UDF's, Classification, and/or Rate Schedule in our lending software.

Charts On My Control Panel

You can adjust the size of the charts, and the viewing angle from the My Control Panel screen. And then the actual data and configuration from Control Panel, Configuration Options, System Defaults & Settings, System Settings, Control Panel Charts.

Editing Existing Reports

Go to the Control Panel, Configuration Options section and select Reports Manager. Export the report you want to edit, edit the report with Report Builder 2.0 or higher, and then import the report back into the loan software.

Adding A Report To Favorites

From our loan software go to Control Panel and then Reports Manager. From there select the report and then Edit. Check the box for Favorites.

Adding A Report

In the loan software import from Control Panel, Report Manager. Be sure to set the report code which can be any unique alpha numeric code. We recommend 3 to 5 digits.

Running Payoff Reports

Steps to run a Payoff Report or Demand For Payoff Report in our lending software. Including making changes to amounts and titles and adding additional fees.

Loan Entry

Entering loans into the system. Manually, via wizard, template, copy an existing loan, or by batch import.

Task Assignments

Setting up and using task assignments. System created tasks and manually created tasks. Can be assigned and routed to individuals and/or groups.

Adding A Borrower

Adding Borrowers independently or as part of a loan. Handles Co-Borrowers and Guarantors also.

Report Functionality Overview

The different options for reporting. Save or export as Word, PDF, or Excel. Actions for sending reports to Docs & Log with notes and status, sending to email with email templates, and sent to batch for batch report creation.


Set up for first/opening month, setting up an auxiliary account for adjustments, and a basic overview of the reconciliation process.

Payment Distribution Waterfall

Setting up and using the Payment Distribution Waterfall by Interest Method, an the individual loan level, and then at the time of payment processing.

Loan Templates

Setting up and using Loan Templates. Pre configure your loan models and then start with a template. Control things like, interest rate, interest only/amortized, grace days, late fees, etc..

Auxiliary Account Setup

Setting up an auxiliary account for adjustments in loan servicing software. Be sure to see our Reconciliation video as well.

Loan Status

Setting up and using both normal Loan Statuses and Special Loan Statuses. Control workflow and tasks, warning messages, color coding, etc..

Tasks Functionality Overview

You have multiple options for creating and handling tasks with-in our loan servicing software. Show or don't show future tasks.

Insurance Tracking Setup

Setting up and tracking insurance policies in your loan servicing software is very important. loan servicing software allows you to track a single or multiple collateral insurance policies. The software will track the policies and notify you before they expire with task/notifications.

Late Fees

Setup late fees with grace period. Setup flat fee amount, % of total amount due, % of single principal and interest payment, or % of interest due.

Statements Setup For Printing Or Emailing

Setup borrower statements or borrower bills to print or email a certain number of days prior to due date or on a specific date. Also, select your statement format or multi formats in our lending software.


More Features & Highlights

Built In CRM

Built In CRM

Loan servicing software with a built in CRM for all your borrowers, lenders and vendors. Features of our loan origination software include batch reporting, emails and letter writing , all with mail merge. A software CRM designed for private money/hard money/commercial lending and loan servicing.


  • Loan Servicing Software with CRM

  • Batch Reporting, Letters, Email

  • Mail Merge, Tickler/Tasks/Workflow

Learn More

Automated Accounting

Automated Accounting

Automated loan accounting for mortgage loans, commercial loans, lines of credit, etc.. With our trust accounting software, you can export transaction details to QuickBooks or other General Ledgers. Automated Investor payments via batch checks or ACH. Fully RESPA compliant Escrow Administration.


  • Automated General Ledger Entries

  • Batch Accruals, Checks/ACH

  • RESPA Compliant Escrow Admin

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Easy Account Setup

Easy Account Setup

Setting up new accounts for borrowers and investors is quick and easy with our loan servicing software. Our loan tracking software interface streamlines setup for new accounts, changes to accounts, web portal access, setting up names and password, etc.. Optional multi layer security.


  • Quick & Easy New Loan Entry

  • Specialized Software Interface

  • Web Portal with Name & Password

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Super Easy Training

Super Easy Training

Our simplified, ultra-modern loan servicing software interface makes setup and training super easy. Whether you are a small private lender with just one or two users and our software support techs are training you or you are a larger organization and you are training internally.


  • Modern Software Interface

  • Great for Small or Large Org's

  • Best Support/Training in our Space

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Custom Reporting & API

Custom Reporting & API

With 40 years of experience in the loan servicing software space we are going to have most of the standard reporting for mortgages, consumer loans and commercial loans. We can then add anything you may need along with custom software API integration. We are the mortgage servicing platform you can trust to deliver.


  • Most Standard Reporting Included

  • Built in Report Builder/Editor

  • Custom Reporting & API Available

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